Cashmere sweaters – beautiful and hard to clean!

Cashmere sweaters – beautiful and hard to clean!

A stunning cashmere sweater is absolutely a must-have piece in any wardrobe, and all women should have one or more wholesale sweaters. Cashmere is a wool derived from cashmere goats. The name is a bit misleading because there are numerous goat breeds who produce cashmere wool. China is a large producer of this wool because of their large cashmere producing goat population. This wool is extremely fine and soft yet very warm. Cashmere is much warmer than sheep wool, however, it remains light and very wearable. If you own one or more cashmere sweaters, you should know how to properly care for them.

Even though the apparel tag on cashmere might say dry clean only, you should still be able to hand wash them. Many people actually prefer to hand wash their cashmere items because it is cheaper and results in softer wool over time. Fill a sink, tub or basin with water that is cool to lukewarm in temperature. Add a small amount of delicate apparel wash or even shampoo for hair to the water. Swirl the detergent around until it dissolves in the water before putting the sweater in to be washed. After placing the sweater in the water, swirl it around a bit then let it soak for approximately twenty minutes. All producers of wholesale sweaters recommend washing it this way.

wholesale sweatersOnce you have drained the soapy water out, rinse your cashmere sweater until no more suds are noticed. Do not put your sweater in the dryer, instead gently press and wring the excess water out. Then, lay the sweater flat on a large towel. You may even want to roll up the towel with the sweater inside, then press to extract more water. Lay the sweater flat on a new dry towel until it is completely dry. As your sweater dries, smooth it into shape with your hands as you would if you were ironing it. When your cashmere sweater is dry, it is ready to be folded and stored. Do not hang cashmere as this may damage the shoulder area and stretch the wholesale sweaters out of shape.

Cashmere wholesale sweaters should be stored where they are not subject to direct sunlight or moisture. If you find that your cashmere develops pills, which are tiny fuzzy balls, you can buy a depilling comb available at most any store that sells fabrics and fabric accessories. Using one of these plastic devices is far easier than picking each tiny fuzz ball off by hand. Do not be alarmed if your cashmere has pilling, this is normal and does not mean your apparel item is of inferior quality. Pilling develops from repeated wear or even exposure to certain surfaces and can be easily removed.


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