Humorous T-shirts are a great way to express humour!

Humorous T-shirts are a great way to express humour!

My mum said that everyone needs to have a laugh someday. And the modern world needs cheering up. Another saying from my country from the time of troubles… “It’s hard to live in a country where there’s no sense of humour… It’s even harder when the sense of humour is necessary to live.”. These are wise words and I should have it printed on a shirt wholesale; I need to keep optimistic to stay sane but if I had to smile all the time, I’d go crazy! There are limits to staying cheerful, you know! I love absurd humour like Monty Python – because I don’t have to live it.

shirt wholesaleWhen speaking of the absurdist humour, you must make a mention and a bow to the famous Romanian writer Eugene Ionesco. He was a writer of plays during the 50’s who created some of the most insane social commentaries you may ever experience. His goal was to smash through common perceptions of conformity and conversation, hold up a mirror, and show the audience how crazy they already are. He may have been a suit-and-tie kind of fellow, but I believe he’d be wearing an amusing shirt wholesale with a funny slogan anyway.

I strongly believe that the absurdity is an art form. It is a mystery because of its irregularity to normal comedy. People have to actually work to understand the joke, and many people are simply too lazy to appreciate it these days. Can you imagine the world where anything could happen? Pioneers like Ionesco and the guys from Monty Python could, and they invited you to come and join them. A funny shirt wholesale might be something simple that anyone can wear, but when you mix the truly absurd into the fray…well, then the hippos really will have won.


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