A true fashionista makes her own clothes – including hats!

A true fashionista makes her own clothes – including hats!

I have always said that a true fashionista makes her own clothes. Often the simplest start in this hobby is a nice winter hat which is very simple to create. If you make hats at home you might want to start selling them and earn some money. Of course, you won’t become a major businesswoman selling hats wholesale, but hey, you might earn some extra cash for more wool! You can create an online store, tour local events like conventions or school sales, but it’s probably simpler to sell them on popular auction sites.

When putting your woollen hat on an auction website, you should give all the information about it. Show them the measurements, fabric, colours, style to the prospective buyers. A lot of people enjoy buying hand-made items – if you can add some fascinating news about how, why and where you made the hat, put it out there! Make sure the statement about the origins of your hat is clear to give customers more detail when buying and warn them about possible allergies or preferences. That’s what the producers of hats wholesale do!

hats wholesaleEveryone knows that an image is worth a thousand words. Since your hat is clearly one-of-a-kind, you should add an image of it. The buyers should know what are you trying to sell. Try to make the buyer to get your hat – remember, selling it should be as fun as making of the item. Don’t toss a hat on a kitchen counter, find a model! Use a dummy or a large can at the very least. That will give the prospects an idea how it looks on. Include closeup shots which will show adornment and seams.

If you want to, always mention that you can create hats in your ad or listing. This might seem overconfident, but it’s an interesting and fun challenge. Perhaps a customer will become interested, and you will be able to demand a bit more for these. You don’t have to become a producer of hats wholesale, but it certainly be interesting!

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