Angora sweaters, great for autumn and winter months

Angora sweaters, great for autumn and winter months

Autumn and winter months require us to resort to ladies wholesale clothing that is perfect in keeping us warm and comfortable. An Angora sweater is the ideal option if this is what you are looking for. But what is an Angora sweater, exactly?

ladies wholesale clothingWell, the fibre for Angora yarn is combed from the Angora rabbit. The process of harvesting the Angora fibre from rabbits does not harm the animal in any way and is a completely painless procedure. The Angora rabbits moult – in other words, shed their fur – every 3 or 4 months. This shed fur is then collected and the Angora yarn is created out of it. Sometimes when demand is high, harvesters even shear the coat of fur off the rabbit. The Angoras are rarely found among ladies wholesale clothing – many such sweaters are hand-spun. Angora is one of the most valued, beautiful and delicate fibres. which is why it also needs special care. You have to be extra careful while washing or laundering an item made from Angora yarn or else it will shrink and fade. However, if you take care of this ladies wholesale clothing properly, they will last for years.

The best way recommended for cleaning an Angora Sweater or any other ladies wholesale clothing made from Angora yarn is to dry clean it. However, if you are not sure, you should check the label on the garment, as the label will carry washing instructions as well. If the label says that the item of ladies wholesale clothing can be washed by hand you should take care to do this carefully and preferably use a large mesh bag in order to wash the item. The mesh bags meant for washing items like Angora sweaters have zipper enclosures and the mesh makes it possible for the soapy water to flow through the garment and clean it. Another good idea is to turn the sweater so that the wrong side is out and then put it in the mesh bag. If you have a mix of dark and light coloured sweaters it is best to wash them separately. This will prevent the colour from mixing with the colours of other garments.


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