How to print on your wholesale t shirts?

How to print on your wholesale t shirts?

If you want to become a new provider of printed wholesale t shirts, you should consider the commonly available printing techniques. You should research the different printing techniques on your own. Here we present a short guide to the most commonly used methods, and if you would like to go more in depth, you should consider other blogs on the topic.

Screen Printing is probably the most commonly used. This technique consists of using the ink through a simple screen onto the wholesale t shirts. You need to create a simple template so that the ink will go through the areas, and leave the print on the material.

wholesale t shirtsDTG (Direct to Garment) Printing is a simple and precise method. You need a specialised printer (which can, unfortunately, be very expensive), which can print on the fabric of wholesale t shirts. It’s not hard to learn and use, allows a high level of detail, but it takes time and is relatively slow, but is perfect for small companies.

Transfer Printing can be associated with iron-on but modern heat transfer printing can use specialised presses. You can print on special paper using the paint, then use the press to heat transfer the print to the wholesale t shirts.

You can also use vinyl presses and embroidery, even though technically these aren’t ‘printing’. Many companies are using these.

Usually, with printing, natural fabrics seem to do better than synthetic ones. Cotton wholesale t shirts are better in absorbing water, and thus the ink. The synthetic shirts are essentially made of oil, and oil repels water. On the other hand, some sublimation prints can’t be used on cotton T-shirts. Many sports shirts use prints of their teams, but they are made of light synthetic nylon. In general consider stocking mostly cotton shirts, but remembering to keep a couple of synthetic ones.


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