These days velour tracksuits are very popular

These days velour tracksuits are very popular

These days, velour tracksuits are very popular, thanks to celebs like Rihanna and other stars. Many producers of wholesale track suits are embracing this trend. Most notably, the women’s Juicy Couture velour tracksuit is one of the most popular wholesale track suits currently available.

There are a number of reasons why the Juicy Couture is so well liked among wearers and non-wearers alike. For instance, stores love it and order hundreds of wholesale track suits from Juicy.

Well, first of all, the women’s Juicy Couture tracksuit looks great in all seasons. The tracksuit is long sleeved, so it will keep you warm throughout the winter or on cold days. However, it is light enough to wear in the summer.

It looks great with a wide variety of different outfits, and can be worn in a wide variety of different venues. It looks formal enough to wear to a holiday function, but will also pass as casual if you would like to go out to dinner or just to wear it around the house.

The most important quality the Juicy Couture posseses is the fact that it provides comfort. Many wearers have described these wholesale track suits as very comfortable, and this is part of the appeal that makes this velour tracksuit so ideal for all seasons of the year.

wholesale track suits The front zipper features the signature “J” pull tag. The pockets of the pants are kangaroo style, and provide enough space for the storing of phones or pocket change. The hoodie jacket also features the signature “J” pull tag, and a pair of kangaroo pockets just like the pants.

The wrists of the top are banded, and are long enough so the bands will not slide up and down your arm and cause irritations like so many other women’s tracksuits currently available. The pants are banded drawstring pants, and the wholesale track suits  is made from velour, and comes in a variety of different colors including black and white. In short, it’s a great investment for everyone!


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